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topic posted Thu, May 24, 2012 - 2:27 PM by  Christopher
I was looking into this tradition from brazil of drinking mate. I am interested because supposedly the freshest mate comes from Brazil (usually). I'm interested in fresh mate after trying the Mate Factor yerba mate but not being pleased with the weakness in flavor and how it seems pretty much nothing is extracted with the warm temperature water used for traditional mate. I am interested in fresh mate for it's raw enzymes and nutrition. I believe perhaps the greatest benefits can come from consuming it raw, and the caffeine effect seems more balanced.

Anyway, it's also interesting that chimarrao (mate from brazil) is made with a very fine cut, which means it has a lot of polvo, and also means that you get that through the straw so you get more of the mate w/o heating it all that much. it's similar to matcha green tea, but cold/warm brewed.

So I bought some Ximango erva mate from brazil as that's the only brand I know of that sells Fresh mate besides mate factor. Also i'm looking for chimarrao style because of the polvo/powder. Though it's hard to find traditional Cuias or Brazil style gourd and even more rare are the bombas (the Brazilian bombilla). I tried making chimarrao even with a spoon style straw and it stil clogged it up. So there must be something special to the straw? or maybe it's still in the preparation of the mate so that it doesn't clog it up.

Are there any online sources for Bombas or can I just use the spoon filter straw since it ma just be all in the preparation?

I'm sorry Argentinians but I'm liking this style of mate more for the benefits of fresh mate. Actually... I like Argentine style mate also if it's raw. I've gotten my yerba mate from Oregon yerba mate and they claim it's raw, and it tastes just like the Argentine yerba mate because it's aged, but still raw. So I guess that's what makes the difference in the taste or strength of the brew/infusion. As for chimarrao prepared cold it's not a brew at all but more like a cold matcha tea. Another brand of supposedly "raw" but aged style yerba mate is, Ultimate Superfoods, and I think Mendo Mate.
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