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Share/Save/Bookmark muy bueno. hooked it up in the kitchen w/ raw organic sugar.
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  • That sounds awesome. But how did you do it. Did you just pour kombucha tea in your matte?
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      well Kombucha is brewed, much like a beer, from a mixture of tea, and some type of sugar for the yeast to react too. You be very surprised at some of the recipes people come up with.

      PS what did you mix with your matte for this, and what type of sweetener did you use; can you use honey for kombucha
    • I am more or less a first time kombucha brewer.(had a mother years ago in Hawaii) I bought some GT's kombucha and I poured it in to a larger container w/ a little sugar. In about 10 days I had a beautiful thick layer of white scoobie/mother whateva. So I brought a gallon of spring water to a boil. Let it cool a little and added loose Yerba Mate with a healthy amount of ginger and one cup of white sugar. (everyone always says, "well I don't eat white sugar wha wha wha" You don't, the komucha does, jerk face but that's another cup tea) After 20 minutes I stained out the spent tea as I poured it into a 1gallon glass jar. After maybe 7 to 8 hours it was cool enough to add the contents of the jar containing the GT's mother/scoobie. At first it did not float. But after 24 hours in there he was floating again. It has been maybe 10 days since I did that and the kambucha seems to be doing beautifully. The mother/scoobie is now covering the top of the surface of the brew. I sampled a little bit today and although it's not quite ready (I'm thinking 10 more days = a total of 20 days brew time) some of the robust Yerba Mate flavor remained in the after taste.
      • from experience, the mate most definitely needs to be mixed with other tea. after a couple batches you will notice that your scoby is dying from lack of nutrients. also, it is not good to do your first ferment with anything but tea, water and sugar. anything else will coat your scoby and eventually kill it. during the second ferment add anything you heart desires because it will not be anywhere near your scoby.
  • i have heard that for best kombucha results you should use refined white sugar...since i try to stay away from the stuff, i would much rather use raw/organic sugar...have you noticed any difference between the two?
    • Until my last batch, I only used organic sugar. I'm getting ready to bottle my next batch (8 gallons!) in which I used white sugar. I'll let you know if there is any difference - other than the cost. Since I'm brewing so much now, I'm hoping that it makes no difference at all.
  • Im wondering if this would work well with Istant mate. If you have had instantm you know its a bit different but just as nice or better sometimes. Plus theres a big difference as far as flavor goes Im thinking it would be perfect for this application.
    • I think it would depend on exactly what is in the instant tea - i.e. unknown chemicals or such. If it's just purely yerba mate, I'd probably give it a try. I will probably look at the label the next time I go to the health food store.

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